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Skippy Trinket Box


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Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) Trinket Box

Hand sculpted & enamelled this high quality, jewelled Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) trinket box is a part of deva Australia’s large range of ornate animal figurines, which are hand cast in metal to create exquisite trinket boxes, inspired by Fabergé style trinket boxes. Each deva Australia collectable trinket box, is skilfully sculpted to bring out life like characteristics. Hand painted fine enamels that mimic natures exquisite and vibrant palette; artistically hand-set Austrian Crystal embellishments and 18 K gold or silver plated trims, finish each piece to make it a treasured collectible or keepsake.  The Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) trinket box is part of our range of Australiana or native australian animals series. It is one of Australia's most distinctive animals used as the Australian National emblem.

The Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) Trinket Box has a hinged opening and a secure magnetic closure. Great for storing small mementos; special messages; fine jewellery charms & nic nacs. The Kangaroo trinket box would be great to display as a bejewelled trinket figurine. The Kangaroo is an iconic Australian animal. This beautifully crafted Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) trinket box makes a great Australian souvenir 


10.5 (L) x 4 (W) x 6 (H) cms   

PACKAGING Elegant gift box with satin lining  [SAMPLE BELOW]

Kangaroo Symbolism

A Kangaroo represents moving forward, strength, stamina, balance, adaptability and nurturing

Interesting Fact

Kangaroos are the largest existing marsupials on earth. Kangaroos are the only animals in the world, who find it difficult to move backwards, which is why they are used as the Australian National Emblem

Trinket Box History & Technique

Trinket box is the modern day derivative of Limoges Box. Tracing back to the 18th century, when it became a noble collectible for some of the most prestigious royalties. The boxes were originally used to send love poems, engagement rings, jewellery and other special trinkets between lovers and friends.

The technique of making jewelled trinkets is complex and involves repeated applications and firings to create the intricate details and depth of the colour for each design. It is baked, polished and plated with gold or silver trims and finished with hand set crystals for a dazzling accent to the enamel.


Bespoke Design

deva Australia also offers Bespoke design & development of trinket box figurines with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, which can be used as Wedding Bomboniere, Corporate Gifts, Promotion, Charities Fundraising, Team Mascots and Award Trophies.

Treasured Trinket boxes by deva AUSTRALIA are of the highest quality & craftsmanship. They make charming gifts, for special occasions or simply to brighten someone's day!


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Skippy Trinket Box

Skippy Trinket Box

Skippy (Skipping Kangaroo) Trinket Box|Collectible, jewelled trinket box inspired by Fabergé style trinket boxes. High quality is the hallmark of deva Australia's large range of collectable trinket boxes

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